June 15, 2010

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Walter Veith: Die Eingeweihten
From Major Jordan's Diaries


01/13'08 Jesuits gather in Rome to select new Black Pope
02/03'08 Jesuit treachery needs to be updated
04/08'08 Vatican propaganda reaches all-time high in 2009
05/05'08 Was U.S. Cardinal Bernardin a secret Satanist involved in freemasonry & homosexuality?
12/08'08 The Vatican and Jesuit Global Conspiracy
12/12'08 Dr. Ronald Cooke Pamphlets
12/13'08 Vatican and Jesuits will have last laugh on Christmas Day
12/22'08 Frank O'Collins presents 25 most evil men
12/25'08 Kingpin Jesuit Edmund Walsh puppetmaster for FDR, Stalin and Eisenhower
12/27'08 Obama's Jesuit connections surface


01/03'09 Vatican and Jesuits wage war on U.S. stock market
01/04'09 Demonology at the heart of sexual perversion among Vatican priests
01/14'09 Jacobins were comprised of these three secret societies
01/17'09 EU treaty to legalise paedophilia

02/14'09 Columbia professor and Bible scholar bows to Jesuitical thinking
02/21'09 The UN's occult purpose revealed
02/22'09 Papal infallibility – a bald-faced Vatican lie

03/02'09 The story behind Secreta Monita
03/10'09 A concordat with the Vatican is like dancing with the devil
03/11'09 Vatican concordat with Hitler still not rescinded
03/11'09 John Harris – It's an Illusion (Freedom)
03/17'09 Len Horowitz, a dark doctor in disguise, remains a Vatican shill
03/17'09 Interview with Richard Bennett regarding the real St. Patrick of Ireland
03/18'09 Jesuit motivated internet propaganda deceives and keeps truth from millions
03/21'09 The Pope's bloody secrets revealed
03/23'09 U.S. Roman Catholics and Christians don't know what they believe
03/24'09 Nine reasons why the Vatican is a force of evil
03/25'09 What is a cult?

04/07'09 Chiniquy and Lincoln warn Americans about evils of the Papacy and the Jesuits
04/11'09 Tens of millions of children for more than 700 years abused by Vatican clergy
04/25'09 Chemtrails, the silent killer

05/02'09 Is the Vatican really the center of global evil?
05/04'09 Hollywood again depicts Vatican demons as a bunch of angels
05/06'09 To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?
05/08'09 Fifty thousand native Indians killed with Vatican approval
05/11'09 Vatican plot against Israel exposed
05/14'09 The manufacture of Mozart by Robert Newman
05/24'09 The manufacture of Francis of Assisi
05/26'09 The Jesuit Fourth Vow or Blood Oath
05/29'09 Federal Agent Joseph Taliaferro confesses

06/01'09 Jesuit and Mormon Cult leaders have common Blood Oath bonds
06/03'09 How the Vatican 'legally' gets away with child abuse
06/03'09 Welcome to Virgin Mary Land
06/04'09 The manufacture of Shakespeare
06/06'09 Poland was first on Vatican/Nazi hit list
06/08'09 U.S. Catholic charities linked to child experimentation
06/21'09 The wall – separation of church and state

07/05'09 The occult and world revolution
07/07'09 The Vatican American Holocaust – why your silence is their consent
07/12'09 Alamo trial begins this week
07/15'09 Obama respects Vatican "social justice"
07/15'09 Flu pandemic orchestrated to kill millions

08/09'09 The Vatican-led Illuminati matrix
08/10'09 The Vatican-led Illuminati matrix pt 2
08/11'09 The Vatican-led Illuminati matrix pt 3
08/16'09 Man-made swine flu designed to cause genocide
08/18'09 The real reason behind JFK Jr. murder
08/25'09 Marine calls U.S. congressman a Nazi/Socialist

10/12'09 Vatican global control
10/14'09 Reject Pope's recent encyclical
10/17'09 Were George Washington and Papist John Carroll good buddies?
10/18'09 Was George Washington baptized Catholic?

11/14'09 Bible warns George Washington's family crest is sign of Babylon
12/20'09 America, the new Atlantis
12/30'09 The Jesuits killed Lincoln


01/01'10 Great Vatican Inquisition
01/02'10 Hitler and Pope Pius XII good buddies
01/05'10 Jesuits nabbed for sexual abuse of Native American Indian children
01/17'10 Who is your final authority?
01/18'10 Another Vatican-Jesuit genocide being uncovered
01/20'10 Why does a pagan goddess represent America?
01/21'10 Pius XII puts Hitler in power
01/22'10 The Pope's secrets
01/24'10 Lost history of Vatican-led NOW
01/25'10 FDR and Ike – two big Vatican-led NWO traitors
01/26'10 Grandma Mary apparition to be validated by papacy
01/29'10 Vatican-led NWO won't allow Alamo kids to read the Bible

02/16'10 Remembering Tony Gambino
02/18'10 Joe Stack story smells funny
02/23'10 Are you a man or a boy
02/24'10 Setup for Kingdom of Jerusalem

03/16'10 Lake Atitlan dying for lack of harmony between cultures

04/10'10 Native Canadians in Rome to protest genocide
04/15'10 Judge buster Sherman Skolnick remembered
04/17'10 Contemporary Maya Spirituality: the ancient ways are not lost
04/23'10 University of Arizona, Vatican and Jesuits name new telescope "Lucifer"
04/26'10 The Vatican's Finances
04/27'10 Sixty Minutes with Jesuit shill Anton Scalia
04/27'10 Canadian orphans demand compensation for sexual abuse and torture by Catholic Church

05/04'10 Lake Atitlan among one billion on globe without clean fresh water
05/11'10 Jesuits and Vatican behind naming Lucifer Telescope

06/04'10 The Jolly Boys of Loyola need a swift boat ouf of America

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