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11/25'09 @31min, John Daniel)
The Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits – they have a central authority and everyone from that top of command obeys. That's the answer to how they can work out their program for hundreds of years and even longer and how they come to pass almost like clock work. Protestants don't have that type of organization and they never will. They only think that they have to taken () to is the sovereign god of the universe that we look forward to, and that's our captain. You see? The Roman Catholic Church's captain is the Pope and the Jesuits that are working and everyone must obey. And so they can work out their program here on planet earth, and that's what they do. And their program has always been the same thing. And I'm not just talking ... and this is what people fail to understand, what "The Word of God", "The Scriptures", itself teaches: This thing didn't just start with the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Church is just the tail end of the system! My point that I want to stress to answer your question, Greg, is that their agenda has always been to rule the whole world. Everyone of these civilizations that we know about in history, whether it was over in the Old World or in the New World, it was the same system. What is that system? Well, you see it on the back of the one dollar bill which is the American Great Sealthat's the pyramid, the all-seeing eye. What does that represent? It represents sun worship. Sun worship is Lucifer worship. And everyone of these civilizations came under that banner, under that umbrella, whether it was Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece or Rome. That's the Old World. You come over to the New World. Well, you got the Aztecs, you got the Inkas, you got the Mayas, you got the Sioux – they all worship the sun. Hey, we got incredible pyramids situated next down here in Mexico ... the Mayan sun pyramid, yes, yes. So, this whole system is nothing new and hasn't been new. [...] Today we got technology ... And so what they have always desired, has been their goal, is to rule the whole world and they did the then known world – they ruled it to the best of their ability, but today they got the technology and that's what they are ready to do. You see? That's the whole program, that's why they can think constantly. Consistently! They never miss a heartbeat. And so we're talking about a couple of hundred years, no problem, it's always the same: to rule, to rule, to rule the whole world. That's what everyone who belongs to that organization at the top of that hierarchy – it's the only thing that they knew, they are like in lock step. And I assure you, they will accomplish that because "The Word of God" says that they will accomplish it. Not because John Daniel says it, "The Word of God" tells you that they are going to accomplish it. And they will prevail. In other words, as far as true Christianity, "The Word of God" is telling you [...] Only the very very small few will rise up to protest and many of them, many of them will lose their lifes in the process. But that's what Rome is always been about and is never gonna change. There is only one thing ... and we come down to the bottom line, and this is where I come from, and there is not too many who are regular show host or guest that come out that will tell you what is the bottom line. And you'll never hear anybody talk about the second coming of "Our Lord Jesus Christ", all the () talk about is the first coming: 'oh yeah, he came as a little babe,' you know, 'he was powerless, he got killed. I mean, did he really accomplish his purpose, how could they killed him?!'

11/17'09, @28min, Greg)
This strikes me throughout my course of secular education: [...] it's those who grab on the knowledge, hide it, use it, spew it out, control it in a sense that misuse it, and that's Jesuitist to met its best. And I want to be very clear and I think it should be said more often and professed by people who are presenting historical facts that have been hidden – research that at times can be conflicting. It isn't the quest of me on this show to control anything, to move anybody in any direction. It isn't my quest to basically be one of those hoarders of knowledge, one of those – oh, I call it like a legal professor who is gonna get you to, you know ... or a lawyer, who is gonna make you pay 300 dollars an hour for his precious knowledge and how that little fraternity has become so corrupted – it's not my goal here. I know there's other researchers who feel the same way and I think we should be loud and clear in that, and that it's your information to take for what you hear and then to go with it. And whether there is conflicting information – so be it! And whether what we say here doesn't pay out to be the full truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – so be it! But at least it opens up our minds. And at least it involves and opened discussion, without anybody being the head of the class, without anybody professing to no more that anyone else. And with all of us using the little titbits of information and the little bit of brain that God gave us to share it, so that we may come to a conclusion, so that we may get to the real issues, facing us today in this crazy world that we live in. And it all boils down to listening, it all boils down to when you are reading to remember to listen to others, when you are talking to remember to listen to others, and when you are listening remember to act with patience, wisdom and forthrightness, with what you have learned in your life. And if there is any gaps in it, fill them up! There is people out there that will help you. But don't be so arrogant and brash to think that your message is the only one. And that's the real problem with people that you give them a little bit of knowledge, feed them a little bit and boy, they know it all. I do wanted to profess that because I don't come from that arena. All the days in my life I think I felt that way. I told ... many of you know my past and I can say that I was feeling that way some times: 'oh, I know all this and I'm gonna tell the world, and the hell with everybody else, the hell with their thoughts, this is the only way it could be it, I mean it can't be any other word because it came out of my mouth.' And I just want to say that I learned over the years that I was being foolish and I was a fool to ever think that ... but it happened. So in a sense let's get back to Tupper Saussy's book ...

11/03'09 Kevin Abrams) labor as liability, profit by defining terms, Kinsey – the Black Prophet
11/02'09 Chris Strunk)

10/30'09 Bill Hughes) blasphemy, Luther, a lightning, and floods of Catholics

@2min, Bill) I talk to a lot of people and sometimes they get discouraged and say: 'boy, you know, all these other crazy ideas are floating out there and they seem to get all the publicity', but I told them, what we are seeking to expose and letting the world know that Rome and the Jesuit Order in particular are truly the secret terrorists in this world, and the fact that they are going to be unmasked, Greg, it's happening and it's only going to get greater and stronger and stronger until all the world understands that the Antichrist power, the Roman Papacy, is the one truly behind what's going on and, of course, the Jesuit Order are the shock troops that are actually caring it out. So I'm excited, Greg, I'm encouraged and we are going forward.
@8min, Bill) If you look at it strictly from the Bible, letting the Bible interprete itself, Jesus was charged twice in the gospels with committing blasphemy. Once it was found in a story in Mark 2:1-7 where a man was very ill, was on a mat or a bed, and what his friends did was – because there were so many people in the house – they took him up on to the roof of the house, and they broke open the ceiling of the home, and let the man down through the roof right where Jesus was. And Christ looked at the man, realized what he needed and that was to know that his sins were forgiven. And Jesus said: 'Son be of good cheer,' "thy sins be forgiven thee." Well, there were some religious people in Christ's day, the Jews [...], and they reasoned in their hearts and they said: "Why doth this man thus speak blasphemies? Who can forgive sins but God only?" Well, there you have your first meaning for what blasphemy is and this world power in Revelation 13, that rises in the old world of Europe, this power claims it can forgive sins. So then you go to John 10:32,33 where Christ again is charged with blasphemy and the reason why is, as the Jews tell him there, they say: "For a good work we stone thee not, but for blasphemy." 'Because you, being a man, make yourself God.' So when a man, Greg, claims to be God – of course, Jesus Christ was God, as the Bible says, he was God in human flesh – but when a normal man like you and I claims to be the Holy Father or the Eternal God in human flesh – that's blasphemy.

10/22'09 John Daniel) to make every human being on this planet into a Roman Catholic

10/21'09 Kevin Abrams) Only corporate entities have incomes.

@20min, Kevin) The SS became kind of like the Black Order and Himmler was known as the Black Jesuit, actually. He actually learned a lot from the Jesuit Organization as how to organize the SS.
Greg) And a great body of research which is been hidden and still not done yet. I suggest, anybody out there that really wants to get to the bottom of what happened during WW II, this connection to the Vatican, just start researching a Jesuit priest by the name of Edmund Walsh, father of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. That will open your eyes up and I think, there is so much to be done yet, to find out really more about his connections to Stalin, his connections to Hitler, his connections to the U.S. funding the Bolshevik movement for a reason – there is so much there! And his role in Nuremberg: to white wash the Nuremberg Trials – he was actually the counsellor controlling the judges there for the U.S., appointed by our government! A great story and I think, it dismisses any kind of arguments that the Vatican is not a kingpin in this whole idea we're talking about regarding the Vatican-led N.W.O., and they exist today, hidden quite well in our own government, and people need to wake up to that fact.
You've never ever slighted people when you start talking about this and have told them straight on what you've researched. I really appreciate that, Kevin, because what you've done is a great service to the people. They really read The Pink Swastika. That book really explains a lot of things and when I read it, it gave me a basis to really understand this pedophilia homosexuality scourge that the Vatican is bringing on to America, to their own Luciferian religion. Couple of minutes before the break, just a comment on that!

Kevin) Well, you know, you're talking about the corporation, I mean, basically, there is a drive right now to create a corporate structure, to bring disenfranchised Anglicans who disagree with the ordination of women and homosexuals within the Anglican Church into some sort of communion with Rome. So there is an attempt by Rome to consolidate various sectors of the Christian world into a greater body, if you will. And, of course, Rome believes that that most of the denominations or all of the denominations within the Christian church are actually wayward children, that they will return to mother church, if you will.
And basically, Rome is the master of corporate fiction. They are the master of corporation when it comes to pretence, when it comes to creating frozen souls, or straw men, or legal entities that serve only themselves and have no life of their own. You know, the Vatican is basically a self-serving entity – it's not there for the people. And basically, when you talk about the mission, the meaning, the purpose of the Jewish people throughout history, the whole Messianic concept in Jewish thought: it's the liberation from emotional and spiritual bondage, the freedom from physical slavery. Those are intrinsic to the whole Exodus experience, the meaning of the Jewish people in history – that's the message that they bring forward to mankind [...] And, of course, that's an anathema to the Roman concept of creating corporate fictions, of working on the basis of pretence, of working on the basis of fictional entities that basically serve privilege and power, unearned privilege and power, and that basically the vast majority of people are subserving into that.

@45min, Kevin) Basically, what a corporate entity does: it reduces human beings into cattle. Because the human being no longer is a freeman with a claim upon the fruits of his labor. He has no superior and prior claim once he entered into a legal contraction or agreement with the corporate fiction. So that's the same thing that happens in government. For the purpose of taxation, your income or your wages are valued as zero. And only corporate fictions have income – I think, I explained that once before too – only a corporation, in American history, has income and profits. A human being has compensations for his labor and his tools, but he doesn't have income. That's why they call it "Income Tax Returns" because they want you to think you have income, but you don't. You have wages, you have compensations for your labor and for the use of your tools and so forth, but human beings don't ... Only corporate entities have incomes. As a human being you are not a corporate entity. As a man you are not a corporate entity. But: you can end up through ignorance and ignorance is no excuse for, you know, when it comes to law – or to legal fiction, not law itself, – you have to be fully informed when you enter into a contract from a lawful or () perspective. When it comes to legal fiction, everything is committed – your ignorance is no excuse.
Finders, keepers, loosers, weepers – all these little sort of hair-brain things that we grew up with, you know, that lead us into an environment of mutual predation rather than mutual affirmation. What we need to do is build a mutual affirmative economy rather than an economy based on mutual predation. And that's what legal fiction does, what the corporate system does: it initiates an economy of mutual predation, where people are benefitting, are living of the backs of other human beings who had misfortunes, who have lost their whatever it is. That's what the corporate system does. The corporate systems serves itself and that's, what I would say, that the Beast of Revelations is. You () (Rev. 13:16-17) will be able to buy yourself without the mark of the beast and without the number of the beast in his hand or his forehead. Forehead meaning thoughts and hand meaning deeds. When people wrote in biblical terms: very metaphoric. So again, the mark in the hand represents what you dedicate your deeds to, and the thoughts, where your mind is, where your thinking is focussed, where your treasure is, where you're dedicating your thoughts to. So basically, what the corporate collective is going to attempt to do is to has to commandeer everybody's thoughts and everybody's deeds into the service of the corporate fiction. And that's what Rome does, that's what the corporate fiction does, and that's what the whole emergent global corporate collective is all about.

10/20'09 Richard Bell) The enemy is really you.
10/19'09 John Daniel) 2012, The Magic Lantern, George Washington's loyalty
10/13'09 from Italy Kevin Annett) Catholic Cardinal Criminals
10/12'09 Darryl Eberhart)

09/23'09 Kevin Abrams)

09/22'09 John Daniel-2)
09/21'09 John Daniel-1)
"Many people are out there telling us what the N.W.O. is doing behind our backs, but they never, never, never implicate Rome. NEVER implicate Rome!"

09/18'09 Chris Strunk) "New York is the New Jerusalem and this is our town."

09/16'09 Jim Rothstein)

08/25'09 A. True Ott)
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08/18'09 Kevin Abrams)
08/13'09 Chris Strunk) Should be registered as a dangerous weapon
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05/28'09 Marc calls in) complicity of silence, the ultimate problem, a one-trick pony
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04/28'09 Frank O'Collins) the most valuable thing, the key issue, it's just business
04/27'09 Frank O'Collins)
04/08'09 Frank O'Collins)
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03/27'09 Eric Jon Phelps) Matrixism, Textus receptus, as goes the church so goes, Pierre De Smet SJ
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05/21'08 Brian Andersen) Don't go in the polarities! Tarpley: no center, all just fragmented
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10/05'05 Terry Lee) militarily ruled democracy, developed over 250 years, sovereign elector